Being the Champion

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What does a champion look like? When you hear the word "champion", you might have words like 'strong', 'undefeated' and 'victor' coming into your mind. That's in fact the gist of what makes a champion - someone who is undeniably strong and unbeatable, a winner who surpasses others.

In the book of Judges, we are introduced to a remarkable leader who listens, guides, and counsels under His command, which in turn has led the Israelites to victory. However, this “champion” is far from what we envisioned to be - a woman by the name of Deborah, who gave counsel and judgement under a palm tree.

The account of Deborah contradicts with the norm depicted by society of how a champion would be because as humans, we’d often stereotype certain characters. We might envision a “champion” as someone who would have led or administered from a far more greater place, have greater qualities and a status such as King, or even of a certain gender.

The norm is manmade; the truth lies in He, Himself.

There is more than it meets the eye in the success story of Deborah. When oppositions came, Deborah responded by placing herself in a place of faith and humility, knowing that He is in control of the situation. She did not feared the enemy, she simply obeyed.

In a position of obedience, you are called to victory - and it has nothing to do with your circumstances, physical attributes, or even your statuses. It can only be if you place yourself in the hands of the true champion, Himself. Deborah knew that it shall not be the strength of her own nor her people, but His that will win the war. Only with faith, it pleases Him and He granted Deborah the access to champion over her circumstances.

He is not looking for a champion; He wants to be your champion.

No matter how hard you try, even if your life looked as winning as Deborah’s or when you feel like pieces that are barely holding up, remember that you will never be the champion that you need in life but He is. For He truly is - STRONG, UNDEFEATED and a VICTOR. Because of that, He has not called you to live a life of self-sufficiency but a life of victory by declaring “He can.” when we can’t.

Take a step back today and choose to take joy in sitting on the passenger’s seat, because it’s high time He leads you to victory by being your champion.

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