Q: Will you be restocking back any of the items?
A: No, there will not be any restocks happening any longer in the future, so this will really be the last & final chance if you’d wish to make a purchase.

Q: What if I wished to purchase something other than the mystery box?
A: Sorry, the mystery boxes are our only remaining option that is up for purchase, no other loose items will be sold on the website. However, our stockist may still have what you are looking for, so click on the “Stockist” tab at the top of the website for more information.

Q: Where will I be able to find Prince of Pins’ merchandise in the future?
A: Our stockists in Singapore & Malaysia will still carry some of our merchandise that would be available for the time being. In fact, at this moment, they even have some of our super popular best sellers that we ourselves have sold out. Kindly head over to our “Stockist” tab for more information.

Q: Will you guys still be making pins in the future?
A: Yes and no! While we would no longer be producing under the Prince of Pins brand, we now have a dedicated brand for premium pin customisation projects. So if you’re looking to make some unique & custom gifts or merch, you can check us out & follow us at Curate by Prince of Pins (@curatebypop) on Instagram/Facebook!

Q: What if I wanted to make a customised bulk order based on an existing Prince of Pins design in the future, would that be possible?
A: You may put through the request & contact us at Curate by Prince of Pins (@curatebypop). A few important things to note:

  • The minimum order quantity will start from 100 units
  • We will be able to provide minor personalisation touches (e.g initials, logos, backing card designs etc) to make the pin unique for the purpose you had in mind
  • Pricing will be structured differently as it will be using proprietary designs owned by Prince of Pins
  • Should only be used for non-commercial purposes, unless agreed otherwise (e.g weddings, events, camps/conferences gifts are good to go, but buying them in bulk to resell will not be allowed)

Q: Is Prince of Pins closing down?
A: In short, yes! Our season with Prince of Pins has ended after six amazing years. We felt that God has called us out to bring His influence to a new space. While the decision to move forward from Prince of Pins was not easy, we will always follow wherever He guides us to in obedience.

However! The Prince of Pins as a brand will still exist on Social Media so do continue to keep in touch with us there! We will also be updating all of our upcoming plans to you all!

Q: What will happen to this website?
A: This website (www.princeofpins.com) will be permanently closed & shut down on 31 July 2022, as the Prince of Pins concludes its operation. If you need to contact us, you can still do so via Instagram/Facebook DMs or email.

Q: What will happen to Prince of Pins and what’s next?
A: While the business of it is coming to an end, the heart & passion driving it lives on.

Moving forward as we pivot & gear towards the next phase of our journey, we have many exciting plans brewing in the pipeline and we believe that its impact will extend beyond what Prince of Pins could achieve.

If you are still reading up to this stage, it probably means that you are super attentive to the way we run things & have been engaged on the ride so far (you may even have noticed some “Easter Eggs” or clues we intentionally left) and for that, we promise that you will surely find this “next thing” to be very interesting.

Curate by Prince of Pins was just one part of the puzzle, all the curtains will be peeled back soon, so stay tuned to @theprinceofpins if you’d like to be a part of the journey a little longer! ;)

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being part of our six year journey, you're the best! See you on the next adventure! 
Love, Sooky & Joel